Whats in a McNugget ?

What is in a McDonald’s chicken Mcnugget, well it took a lot of time and searching( I wonder why) but I finally found a few ingredients that are present in a chicken nugget at McDonalds.

Autolyzed yeast extract

Sodium phosphates

Sodium aluminum phosphate.

hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ and

citric acid added to preserve freshness” and


So lets break that down. Autolyzed yeast extract is basically MSG, and for the people who don’t know what MSG is it’s a flavor enhancer commonly added to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats. Not to bad right. Wrong MSG over time can cause harmful effects to the body. However, the FDA says that consuming MSG isn’t so unpleasant. Of course the FDA would say that when huge corporations like McDonald’s are essentially putting a down payment on their billion dollar lifestyle. Next ingredient, Sodium phosphates its salt that is also used for flushing your bowls for your next colonoscopy!  Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, it doesn’t even sound like something you eat it sounds like a chemical you put in your car. Iconic how the  American government just let’s this happen. Hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ. Centers for Science in the Public Interest have done a study on rats that consumed this chemical, and the consequence was getting tumors all over their little rat bodies. Again a fault on people who “administrate” this country. Finally Dimethlpolsiloxane which is a antifoaming agent. WHAT ? WHY? HOW? Tell me why a chicken nugget should ever foam. No wonder Morgan Burlock had to go through a intensive detox treatment after Super Size Me  since he probably ate copious amount of chicken nuggets on his deathly 30 day trail of  McDonalds , and don’t even get me started on the “100 percent” beef patty. Wait, question, who is in charge of these corporations and how are they let off the hook with these artery clogging ingredients? Lets get one thing straight in U.S.A everything is based on the money. One thing guaranteed is that the CEO’s of America’s most reliable source of Proposition 65 is not going to feed his children with McDonalds. No, he’s driving in his bentley to whole foods or sprouts to buy his meals. We need to educate our peers on the ingredients in these fast food companies because the only thing keeping these companies up and running and taking your money is the disorientation on these horrible ingredients. So please next time you see a McDonald’s enterprise hold up your third finger and don’t super size. 


Personal Statement

The world is filled with a morass of people, but you cant help wonder if you’re the person who is some how going to change the world. The best of both worlds that is, growing up in Brasil and also living in United States has been a huge privilege for me. I have got to camp out in the amazon for 20 days and 20 nights, living with the indigenous people of Brasil, getting to know where I come from and also seeing what my mother had to do when she was my age. She grew up in a rural town called paragominas, four hours away from the capital of Para, Belem. Having 20 brothers and sisters and also living on a farm, she has blessed me with the wonderful culture of Brazilians. Whenever I travel out into the countryside where my mom grew up, being so fortuitous to expand my knowledge outside the classroom. I loved to ride horses and milk the cows, I know it sound weird but it wasn’t, it was fun and different. Completely different to the city life, where the only fun is either going shopping or out for a drink if your 21. Interesting enough that the humidity and the taste of the amazon brought some interesting creatures our way. I remember going to my backyard and seeing a pink dolphin swimming, a huge tarantula sitting, and a snake wrapped around a coconut tree. Since it was a farm, relatives of mine were not flabbergasted like I was. I was the only one shitting bricks when I saw the enormous snake. They said it was normal since my grandmas backyard also had a river running through it. One thing a miss about Brazil was the wonderful people so generous and kind, and entertaining. Sitting my the fire pit while someone plays the guitar and singing, having a barbecue at 3’oclok in the morning and going out for a swim the very next day. Some days I wish I was the person waking up at 5 in the morning and riding a horse to school.

The sound of music

Skanking? What is skanking, well its basically a pit of people jamming out to some of there local ska bands. You’re probally wondering what is ska. Its reggae with jazz influences. If you listen to sublime you probably listened to ska before. A few bands that a near and dear to my heart are the mighty, mighty, bosstones, the toasters, the specials,and no doubt. Yes Gwen Stefani has an old band named no doubt, and its amazing. If you never heard her old band its a must. Im just a girl and spiderwebs are my  two favorite songs. However, my 1st concert was not a known ska bands but it was in fact Lana Del Rey. A super talented pop singer known for summertime sadness. Funny because Courtney Love opened for her but completely different genre. Anyway Im that type of person that pretty much likes any kind of music… except country. Cant do love songs. Although both my parents hate rap, I do appreciate the roasts and rhymes of Lil Kim , Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Azealia Banks, and of course my favorite outcast. HEY YALL. Some people give rap and bad RAPutation however they probably know don’t give it a try because it does have that kind of fuck you attitude. But hey who doesn’t we all do . I feel as though people should be open to hear any kind of music, because music helps shape who we are, and who we will become. Also, music has a great impact of different cultures, america has rap, mexico has ranchera, latin america has latin music and europeans well they also enjoy rap. So I guess my generation’s music is rap. Unlike the 60’s were there generation grew up with music genius’s like the doors, joan jet, and my own personal favorite jimi hendrix. Guitar enthusiast, Jimi Hendrix was this new sound that artist before him tried to accomplish however according to the rolling stones “Hendrix pioneered the use of the instrument as an electronic sound source” which is most definitely true. Who doesn’t love the 60’s music ?

Money education and real education

Do you go to school to earn more money in the long run or do you go to school to actually learn. In all my years of schooling I witnessed copious amounts of cheating. Being real here even I have copied of of a friend when I forgot homework was due the next day. However people I witnessed go to the extreme to cheat and copy. Cheat on test, copy every single homework assignment. People are so worried about passing the test that it doesn’t even pass their minds that there not learning. The average amount of homework students have a night is 12 hours. Imagine getting out of school at 3 then having sports until 6 or 7 then having 12 hours of homework a night. No wonder more and more students in the United states have turned to cheating and copying. It’s easier, now the question is what are kids learning? Whom are they learning from. Maybe from the teachers but rarely from the work they are copying. Students learn from the media, peers, society, and family. Its important to keep children either in private school where they can actually learn how to study or have them enrolled in a home school program. Where they learn useful material and educate them selves on the real world. Whats out there, how to make a resume, how to make a home cooked meal, change a tire, read a map. Things that are actually useful unlike the PEMDAS riddle.